Reaction arm on crane system: anti-rotation arm for high torque

Automotive, assembly of transmission components

The company asked us an arm with a special length that would allow tightening of large pieces and in any direction. To fulfill the request we have created a BRV, an anti-rotation reaction arm, with a particular length of 4 m. The BRV anti-rotation reaction arm adapts to the specific needs of the customer with high resistance for the efficiency of the tightening operation thanks to the carbon fiber weave optimized for torsional loads. In addition, it allows you to tighten in any direction, allowing the operation even when the reaction torque acts parallel to the axis of the arm. The product was installed in our customer’s factory through our specialist dealers.

Ceiling mounting : 4 meter lenght

Swivel tool holder

Thanks to the swivel tool holder it is possible to tighten in any direction without losing effectiveness in absorbing the reaction torque.

Prodotti BNP utilizzati:

Custom BRV
Custom swivel tool holder