Safety at work: telescopic torque reaction arms for hanging tool

Appliance assembly: in-line fastening

Plant medical officer report a critical issue. The swinging movement of the tool, due to its release after each fastening, present high risk of collision and trauma for the workers. So, the end customer asked us a solution that take into account the high production rate of the line (about 2400 fastening per shift).

Before our intervention, at the end of each fastening on the product bottom, the tool hung with a balancer at about 2000 mm in height with a consequent “”pendulum”” effect. This was a high-risk factor for the safety of operators, who could be hit by the screwdriver in motion. This problem was solved thanks to two telescopic carbon fiber arms with internal sliding balancer.

No tool swinging

The carbon fiber frame of the telescopic arm allowed to stabilize the suspension position of the tool, making safe that workplace

Best usability for high production rate

The compact design of the reaction arm with internal sliding of the balancer allows not to hinder with workers usual activities

BNP products involved: