Posix PRO

Posix PRO is a process control and error proofing system for manual assembly activities and tightening

Error proof tightening phases
Reduction of human error risk
Objectivation of the manual process
Digital integration



What’s Posix PRO??


Process control and error proofing system

It’s a software developped to help workers during assembly activities and managers for process control.
It aims to integrate workstation tools, enabling the sharing of data and their optimal use with the purpose to improve the production planning.


Why posix?


> Flexibility

Il Centralized control of the devices in the workstation and intuitive creation process of production cycle di produzione enable rapid adaptation to different production conditions.

> Quality

Traceability and process objectivation permit to certify quality of the assembly manual activities.

> Productivity

The configuration of assisted production cycles enables to speed up manual assembly process and to
reduce the number of errors

> Wellbeing

Central management ensures to adapt the workstation to the characteristics of the operator according to ergonomic criteria, thus improving its working condition and preventing the onset of work-related disorders.


Who it works?

Each Posix PRO license is composed of two applications. Manager application is used to satisfy error proof process exigencies, while Operator application helps worker during assembly cycles.


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