Drilling aluminum panels: custom orthogonal arms

industrial air conditioning systems assembly

Our solution consists of a mobile workstation with BRF arm with pneumatic downward kit customized for drilling operations. Our articulated orthogonal arm was born as a solution for the tightening phase. In this case, it has been redesigned for the sandwich panel drilling phase.

Assorbimento della vibrazione dell’utensile e sicurezza dell’operatore

Garanzia di sicurezza nella fase di foratura, grazie ad un comando del sistema di foratura con doppio pulsante e l’abbattimento delle vibrazioni grazie al braccio.

Pneumatic thrust of the tool

This solution supports the worker push movements thanks to a pneumatic push system activated by the drilling command.

Mobile trolley frame

The arms were installed on a mobile frame equipped with trolleys. Great flexibility was achieved with these solution.

BNP product involved:

Custom BRF
Downward kit
Custom industrial ergonomic workstation