Ergonomic assembly line

Electronic component assembly line

An ergonomic production line made of 46 ergonomic workstations, 70 supermarket warehouses and 20 testing stations produced for Vimar s.p.a.

Supermarket: FIFO feeding

The FIFO system (First In – First out, Lean method) allows you to manage the warehouse more efficiently by ensuring a continuous supply managed by product code or kit. The BNP workbench design allow the operator to lift empty containers with no heavy and incongruous movements. Seventy modular gravity warehouses for the assembly component storage was installed in the line in order to optimize line “”feeding”” operations by the assigned resources to internal logistics

Adjustable height

The worktop adjustment system is separate from the workbench frame,so each operator has the possibility to adjust the height depending on the size of the product. Regardless of the rest of the line.

ESD structure

Each workstatiom was equipped of ESD wooden top and aluminum frame, both connected to the grounding system

Multiple testing station

Each testing station serves about 2 assembly stations in order to avoid single testing stations bottleneck in the production flow

Modular supermarket
Industrial ergonomic workstation
Antistatic bench
Ergo kit