Mandatory tightening sequence on electric board: same screw, high proximity, different lenght

Electronic boards for HVAC / R production

The customer has a problem in the tightening process on an electronic board.
The main issues:

  • Large number of screws to be fixed at very close distances
  • All screws have the same diameter but different length (so any screw could be potentially fixed in any position)
  • High proximity between screws, even a few millimeters
  • The customer wants a mandatory tightening sequence.
    We proposed the use of a special orthogonal BRF reaction arm with three encoders, capable of detecting the position of the screwdriver in X, Y and Z axes. The Posix device was coupled to the arm. Posix enable the screwdriver solely when he reaches the position of the correct tightening point.

Traceability and objectification of the manual process: process control

BRF arm and the Posix system made it possible to create standardized, certified and foolproof tightening processes.

Scrap reduction: Poka yoke system

This system allows to drastically reduce the possibility of human error, consequently reducing scrap, time and labor.

BNP product involved: