Automotive: pneumatic balanced Custom Zero G


One of the world’s best-known Italian automotive brands



Offer very efficient reaction arms, for making safety and ergonomic tightening operations.
Achieve an efficient, flexible and controlled tightening process without defects on the final product.


Our customer product cannot be considered just a car, but a world-class Italian excellence. We have been required to ensure the highest levels of quality and production efficiency. The daily production of the plant is about 25 cars per day.

The customer asked us to replace 2 existing arms in the “marriage” station, a common term in automotive slang used to indicate the station where the car body and the vehicle chassis are joined.   

The request was motivated by ergonomics and safety needs. In fact, in the first assessment, we found that tools handling was heavy and there were big mechanical plays which did not guarantee safety during the tightening phase.  Furthermore, the manipulator system required a physical effort that made operators stressed and obliged to slow down their activity as well as reducing their production efficiency, with the risk of causing muscular and lumbar problems over time.  

I order to achieve the productivityefficiency and ergonomics targets we have developed 2  ZeroG articulated arms with a customized pneumatic system, perfectly integrated into the existing assembly line.  

Thanks to an efficient pneumatic balancing system, the ZeroG torque reaction arm relieves the operator from holding the tool weight up, improving operator ergonomics.

The customized solution was developed with a co-design approach. After the first analysis of requirements, there was a continuous exchange of information with the customer to optimize the design of the solution. 

The ZeroG custom was mounted in a suspended version on a runway, equipped with 3 encoders for detection X-Y-Z-axis positions and a 4th encoder for detecting position along the runway. Moreover, the arm is equipped with pneumatic service brakes and with a socket tray, which was managed through the tightening software of the tool controller, for a lean program change management. The installation is completed by the tool controller and by the main electric panel, which is mounted on the arm itself. The tightening torque of the electronic tools in use was of 200 Nm.   

The process traceability is guaranteed by the use of encoders. In fact, in this way, the tightening accomplishes only when the tool position is correct.

Our custom arms have been installed through our specialist system integrator.  

Strengths of the solution: 
– improvement of the operator ergonomics
– increasing of workplace safety
– increasing of the assembly line productivity
– guaranteed production efficiency and quality of the final product
– high-level image of arms with carbon fiber technology, which perfectly matches the quality of customer products.